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How to Fix Inbox Corruption in Outlook Express - (Error Code 0x800C0133)?

MS Outlook Express, a desktop email and news client from Microsoft, helps users to Exchange emails and to join newsgroups. Though its release was stopped by Microsoft after the introduction of Windows Mail, large numbers of users still use this free application. So it is very relevant to discuss issues faced by Outlook Express users.

Inbox Corruption in Outlook Express – Error Code 0x800C0133

The Inbox corruption (identified by the error code 0x800C0133) is a major issue faced by Outlook Express users. After the inbox corruption, Outlook Express users will not be able to send or receive emails. There are many reasons behind the corruption of the Inbox: 

  • When the size of DBX file (Outlook stores its emails in DBX files) goes beyond its permitted maximum size 2GB, it becomes corrupt.
  • DBX compaction issues – closing DBX file while being compacted, stopping compaction process etc.
  • Running Outlook Express for long hours without ever closing it.
  • Improper Outlook Express installation.
  • Abrupt system shutdowns.
  • Virus attacks.
How can we avoid Inbox Corruption in Outlook Express?

You cannot hope to eliminate the Inbox corruption in Outlook Express. However, with the some precautions, you can reduce the chances of DBX corruption. You should not to let the Outlook Express folders grow beyond the permissible 2GB limit. You can do it by removing all unnecessary and unwanted emails, and by dividing the folders in to smaller ones. If possible, try to keep this DBX size as low as 300 KB. Here is how you can do this:

  1. Save emails in many-small folders rather than in a large single folder. Usually Inbox folder is found to be the largest Outlook Express folder. It is better you divide this folder in to many small folders to save emails from different senders in different folders. You are advised not to store more than 2000 emails in a folder.
  2. Remove attachments from the emails and save them separately to reduce the Inbox folder size.
  3. Compact DBX files regularly to keep their size in check (do it manually).
  4. Reduce the size of the ‘Sent Items’ folder by clearing its content.
  5. Clear the ‘Deleted Items’ folder daily.
  6. Restrain from archiving mail in the Inbox or Sent Items folder.
  7. Backup your DBX files regularly so that you can recover files from in case of corruption (backup the ‘Store Folder’)
How to Fix the Inbox Corruption in Outlook Express?

You can fix the Inbox corruption issue easily by deleting the Inbox folder after moving its items to a newly created local folder. A new inbox folder will be created automatically to receive the incoming emails. Follow the steps below:

  1. Open Outlook Express.
  2. Right-click ‘Local Folders’, and select ‘New Folder...

  1. Enter the folder name in the Create Folder dialogue box and click OK.

    You can see the new folder under Local Folders on the left panel.

  2. Move the items of the Inbox to the newly created folder.
  3. Now, note the location of the Inbox folder from Store Location dialogue box (to note down the location, click Tools> Options > Maintenance > Store Folder).

  1. Exit the Outlook Express and go to the location of the Inbox folder.

  1. Now,delete the file Inbox.dbx

  1. Open the Outlook Express again. You can see the automatically created Inbox folder there. It works normally.
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